Big Announcement – Important Changes


Hi everyone!

This is not a typical post.

A lot has been going on in my life, and with a new year comes new things! So I’d like to share some of those with you today.

(if you’re really impatient and want to get to the part where I talk about my NEW SITE, scroll down…but then please come back!)

As I mentioned in my first post of 2018, the area I am trying to focus on this year is reach. It’s incredible to see how God has already brought some wonderful opportunities into my life!

First, I was invited to become a regular contributor for A Clear Lens, one of my favorite blogs on apologetics, theology, and worldview. I submitted a guest post to them over winter break and was welcomed to send in another. I submitted the second post a couple weeks ago and the founder of the site asked me to consider joining their team! I’m excited to join this group of passionate, talented writers who are just as eager to spread the truth as I am. They are planning some big steps forward this year as well, so it will be a privilege to be a part of it! I will be posting every second Friday of the month. 

If you haven’t seen the two articles posted so far, you can click the links below:

The Roots of Willful Ignorance

Science Doesn’t Have All the Answers

Second, as part of my focus on “reach,” I am seeking ways to use my words through speaking as well as writing. Although public speaking is apparently the #1 most common fear, this past year I found out it’s actually something I really enjoy. (Sorry to everyone who hates me now…) Public speaking was hands down my favorite class last semester–I actually miss it! So I’m trying to explore other opportunities to share hope and truth through spoken words. The opportunity I’m working on now is kind of scary even to me… my university hosts a TEDx event every spring, and I’m finishing up my application to speak!

For those who don’t know, TED is a very special speaking event dedicated to sharing big ideas in an engaging, understandable way. Many TED talks can be found online on YouTube or their website. TEDx events are independently organized, and they are responsible for selecting the speakers. The theme for this year’s event at USF is “breaking barriers” and I’m hoping to speak on “Why we must build a culture of questions.” Please pray for me to have clarity and wisdom as I finish the application (due this Monday afternoon). If I’m selected I will need to go through the process of developing the talk and preparing to speak, but even if I’m not I will probably still look for another opportunity to share this message. Pray for open doors!

Finally, my expanding “reach” means I am changing to a professional personal website. Now, no one needs to freak out. I am not abandoning this blog, just moving it! I have changed the layout and the domain name, so yes, it looks different. And it may continue to change a little bit at a time over the next month or so as I tinker around.

The reason I’m making this change is to begin establishing a presence as a professional writer, because I’d like to work on building that asset. Why do I want to build that, you ask? Well…because I’m a crazy gal with some crazy big ideas, and one of those ideas is currently to write a nonfiction book. This isn’t something that will happen immediately, but it’s an idea that’s stuck around and undergone remarkable development in the past two months, so I’m doing my best to grow as a writer and prepare for it, should God bring this to pass someday.

This also means that the type of things I write on this blog may grow and change somewhat, too. I’m not throwing away what I’ve done here or the themes I’ve built, because those are very much a part of me and will continue to be part of what I write here. Think of this as an expansion, not a reduction. The idea is that although in the past I’ve been too worried to combine all the aspects of what I write about in one place, I’m trying to step beyond that now. After all, if there’s one me who somehow enjoys and is passionate about sharing several different areas, surely there’s someone else out there who feels the same way. And for those who are just interested in reading one type of thing, that’s okay. I hope I will be able to continue encouraging you, too.

So! Now the thing I’m sure you’ve been waiting impatiently for… the link to the new site!

IMPORTANT: I have imported all those who subscribed directly by email and those who follow me in the WordPress reader. Those of you who followed with your WordPress account, but elected to receive the posts directly via email, will need to reinstate that on the new site.

Thank you for bearing with me on this unusual post, and please do stop by the new site and let me know what you think! I’m still rearranging a thing or two, but for the most part it should hang onto its “look” for a while.

As for this site, I will keep it up for at least another month so everyone successfully makes the transition. I’d hate to leave anyone behind!

Last thing: You may notice my new site has a bar at the bottom asking you to enter your email to “join my community.” This is different from getting posts emailed to you, and I hope you will consider it! Basically I want to have a more personal way of touching base with you every so often, and to allow you to share your input and ask any questions you may have without having to leave a public comment. It also helps me as I work towards looking attractive to a publisher, so consider it a win-win!

If you have any questions, PLEASE feel free to let me know, either in a comment below, a comment on the new site, or send me an email. I appreciate every one of you for your support and encouragement as you’ve been reading along, whether you’ve been here for two years or two days. 🙂

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