“Your words can change the world”

It’s that time of year when the school year is drawing to a close. Programs are winding down, and schedules are changing.

Tomorrow is the end-of-year party for our homeschool co-op. It’s a bittersweet moment. Because of how school is shaping up for me, it’s looking like I’m not going back to co-op next year.

This is it. This is…the end.

It’s been an interesting year, junior year. It’s been really rough and has worn me down at times as I’ve learned how to balance work and school and other commitments. And I’ve grown so weary of the ever-present college debate. I’ve written much about that recently, but some things are still waiting to be finalized and I’m not sharing those words with the whole world just yet. But I will say this: What an opportunity it has been to learn how God works! In the moments I have needed it most, He has sent me overwhelming love and encouragement from others, including some who didn’t even know me.

One of the greatest things about co-op this year was the opportunity to teach a class. Last May, when the whole registration process began, I saw an opportunity to realize a dream I’d had for a while–to teach a class of young writers. How it all came about is a God story in and of itself, and that’ll be for another time. But in any case, September 11, day one of co-op, rolled around and I found myself starting last period with a table full of eager faces.




It’s been a year full of laughter and head-banging and joy with these fourth and fifth graders. They never fail to make me smile. I’ve learned a lot about teaching and specifically working with a group from them. And I’ve been blessed to be a part of their writing journeys that are only just beginning.

Over the year, I read them lots of snippets from a wonderful book that was monumental in encouraging and teaching me as I started writing: Spilling Ink by Anne Mazer and Ellen Potter. And so, for the end of the year, I’m giving each of the remaining students a copy of the book. I had fun writing in them this afternoon.








The best part, though, was turning to the last page of the book where I knew a special encouragement was printed, and adding my own.



If there’s one thing I want my students to come away from the class having learned, it’s this:

Your words matter.

Your words are powerful.

Your words can change the world.


May this be a reminder to all of us today: Our words matter. Our words are powerful. Our words can change the world.

Let’s make sure we choose wisely.




6 thoughts on ““Your words can change the world”

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  1. Loved reading this post, Amanda 🙂 I definitely remember how formative junior year was for me…along with the never-ending college planning. It’s so awesome how you’re seeing God at work in this crazy-wonderful season of life.

    And now I really want to read Spilling Ink!

  2. Note 1: The no-co-op thing happened for me last year – and it was a huge change. I totally get where you are.
    Note 2: The college debate. I feel like I have a plan set in my mind, but I’m swayed so easily by other things and plans that look enticing, especially when I’m in the midst of a rough patch of schoolwork (and I’m thinking, “Why again am I doing this?”)
    Note 3: That’s such a sweet opportunity that you got to teach a writing class. I’m so proud of you! Teaching isn’t easy.
    Note 4: Ooh, now I’ll need to look up Spilling Ink. 😀 Looks like such a cool book!
    Note 5: “Our words matter. Our words are powerful. Our words can change the world.” I needed that. I’m writing for the last day of NaNo and am a bit discouraged at how my past few words have been coming out. But this is inspiring.
    Thanks, Twinsie!

    1. That’s exactly it on the college thing! It’s so hard to actually stick with a plan when people keep talking about other options…

      I’m glad this was inspiring. I needed to hear it, too. 🙂

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