What is your purpose?

What is your purpose full

Purpose. So many of us spend our lives searching for it. We spend countless amounts of time and money choosing and preparing for a career, we engage in “self-discovery” to find our passions, and try to find ways to make our lives count for something. We all have this desire to be remembered in some way, to have left our mark on this world.

Purpose. A reason to be alive. A motivation behind all our actions, from the day-to-day tasks to grand schemes.

The world is chasing after futile dreams. They are trying desperately to leave their mark through foundations, through large donations, through excellence in hobbies. They are spending every possible moment of their waking hours at work, striving for that next promotion or pay raise. They are dedicating their children’s childhood to competitive sports, because this is what is expected–you have to be the best, or at least one of the best, at something. Right?

But what about the young man whose dream is to serve in the military? A noble cause, for sure. He goes through officer school and enlists, heading off to protect the freedoms our country stands for. He forms strong bonds with his companions and feels a sense of pride that comes from a job well done, from accomplishing something worth fighting for. He has a successful military career, and returns home having served his country. But what is he to do with his life now? He’s done with the job he’s trained for. He’s served his time and it’s over–all he has poured his life into for years. Has he lost his purpose?

Purpose is so much greater than just a job, a hobby, or a charitable foundation. Purpose is the motivation for everything in life. You have an individual purpose behind each thing you do. In the morning, you get up and eat breakfast, then brush your teeth. Why? Because you want your teeth to stay healthy. That’s a purpose. You go to work and do your job. Why? Because you want to provide for yourself/your family. That’s a purpose. But the kind of purpose I’m talking about is the overarching kind. Your life purpose. The one main thing behind everything you do. But what if I told you that purpose wasn’t something you had to seek out? What if I told you you already have a purpose?

From the beginning of time, each human being has been born with a purpose. God created mankind–and in fact all of creation–for His glory. So our purpose is to glorify God in all we do. And the good thing about this kind of purpose is that it’s freeing. We no longer have to search the whole world for a way to make a difference. To fulfill our purpose, to make our lives count, all we have to do is take out the trash with a cheerful, servant heart. All we have to do is love others around us. All we have to do is work hard on our school work or at our jobs to the best of our ability, with a good attitude.

And as Christians, our purpose is to bring the world to God. We are in the business of reconciliation! We are to live in such a way that the world looks at us and then looks to God.

The world is searching for its purpose. But we can live confidently, knowing we have found it in Christ.

“Whether therefore you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – 1 Corinthians 10:31

What do you think? Would life be simpler if we remembered our main purpose is simply to glorify God? And I didn’t get into the concept of individual callings and purposes in this post, but feel free to discuss those as well!

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  1. Yes, it definitely would be simpler to just remember that our main purpose is to glorify God. As human beings, I think we sometimes like to make everything more complicated and harder when really that’s just not the case. Very nice post, Amanda!

  2. Amen! Great post. I think we can get so lost in our lives, searching for a purpose – a purpose that already exists. We have to remember that everything in this life will pass away, but our souls (and God, of course) will exist for all eternity. Glorifying God is the only gratifying, everlasting purpose we will ever have!

    1. Yes! That’s it exactly. And as I mentioned at the bottom, I do believe God has specific plans for each of us, but overall our main purpose is still the same, and is something we can always come back to, even when all else seems to be a loss. 🙂

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